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Walk in Plants

Fiction | Short Story

Her fabulous rose garden was replaced by weeds from outer space, that took possession of her and ate people.

Love Story 2410

Fiction | Short Story

At an age when persons lived 200 years, or even could live forever, how does an abused wife “divorce” her tyrannical husband?

Christine Adams Lucky at Cards

Fiction | Novel

Her success was an uncanny skill at card gambling. Her curse was her skill at gambling that destroyed her world.

Flying Saucer Now on Instagram

Fiction | Short Story

During a junior baseball league Championship game, 20 parents were recording the event. Suddenly, a flying saucer appeared and was recorded for a minute, the recordings sent to social medial. Now, how can they deny Flying Saucers!? More important, how can two similar worlds exist in the same space? The solution is…

The Burqa Bride

Fiction | Novel

This is a story of today. The press is filled with stories of how the Burqa is used to subjugate women, deprive them of equal rights, or even used to hide weapons. But for “American Apple Pie” Sally Smith, wearing the Burqa brought her love and a happy marriage. Sally, wore the Burqa at her Wedding.

When she stopped wearing the Burqa, her bright world turned dark, then became dreadful. Was she responsible for the deaths of mothers, children and her own husband? Was the sentence of life in prison justified? What was the truth?

The New American Wind in the Willows

Fiction | Novel

American descendants of the original lovable British “Wind in the Willows” characters fly an airship across the U.S.A., finding exciting adventures along the way.

Fairy Tales that Resonate Today

Fiction | Collection of Short Stories

Why are fairy tales still read and enjoyed today?
Jack and the Bean Stalk overcomes the Giant, and the guy who dropped out of college succeeds against the giant corporation.

The disadvantaged Cinderella marries the handsome prince. How many girls today have a similar dream?
How many movies and books today have fairy tale themes?
These themes resonate today.
Does it matter if Little Red Riding Hood uses a cell phone?
The Princess takes selfies of herself and the dragon?
The Knights are recruited from Craig’s list?
Read and enjoy!

Yogurt Tastes Very Good

Fiction | Short Story

Instead of becoming a leading computer expert, I had ended up making Yogurt so I can be with Sylvia. But, lately, I have broken dates with Sylvia, to study neurology! I couldn’t figure out why, until today, when I looked at a recording of the examination of the new batch of yogurt. It was astonishing and unbelievable because…


Fiction | Short Story

Julie was seven when she became aware that she had to compete with an older and a younger brother for her father’s attention. No problem, she studied what pleased her dad: biscuits and gravy; ooh’s and ah’s about dad’s hunting skills; and he loved the smell of her fresh shampooed hair.

Portrait of Secrets

Fiction | Novel

Rosalie, in 1912 New York, transformed from spoiled rich girl, to penniless orphan, to artist model, to heroine of the Lusitania, to honored Lady Rosalie Hawthorn.

Did she die, and then was sent back? Freezing in the river, she saw a light in the dark cloudy sky. She prayed to that light – God – if He let her live, she would devote her life to charity.

Arabesque and the Practice of Law

Fiction | Short Story

When I was in law school I didn’t realize that there was more to being a lawyer than just passing the bar. I used to scorn the debaters and mock trial show offs who would prance and crow and make dramatic turns, scowl and smile, put on DRAMA. Then I went into practice and guess what? Turns out, I have an advantage in court, thanks to my older sister.

Freud’s Time Travel Letters

Fiction | Short Story

Freud tries to change his fate with the help of time travel.

Directive 3433

Fiction | Short Story

Dr. N Applebee droned on and on. I caught myself almost falling off my chair as I drifted towards sleep. Damn, this talk was practically on elementary embryology. Then again, my presentation hadn’t exactly received a rousing welcome, “Early Detection of Fetal Defects,” but at least it was pertaining to Directive 3433.

A Novel Therapy

Fiction | Short Story

I am a doctor, and I treat persons who have lost their sense of smell. I have studied using various types of smell stem cells. Finally I have a perfect solution for restoring smell! But, , there is a problem. There are side effects. Will the FDA allow this method that can help people? Read the details and see what you think.

Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror

Professional | Self Help

Doctors admit that Biofeedback is the best therapy for stress and anxiety effects. By using the mirror as a biofeedback device, you send “no tiger” signals correctly to your stress center. Dr Grossan has used this method successfully for his patients including Hypertension, Tinnitus, Sinusitis, and Autoimmune problems. When you use your five senses-plus joy-your visualization is therapeutic. There are 90 easy to follow exercises to lay new tracks for health, creativity and longevity. Detailed applications include TMJD, Headache, Fibromyalgia, Tinnitus, Asthma and many others.

Alphabetical Tour of 50 States

Fiction | Short Form

A writer dreams to taking an unusual tour of the United states and would like to take you with her..
So, why not, use your imagination and take off with her.

An ideal work for the entire family to read aloud, learn, and enjoy! Smiles are guaranteed!